Setting up a recording studio is an expensive endeavour; having great gear is important, but not as important as knowing how to use it. At Purple Irony, we have some of the best hardware and software available on the market, and we've spent countless hours perfecting their usage, simply to provide you with the professional results you expect.

Hardware and AD Conversion

The better the signal path, the more amazing your sound will be, and the less unwanted noise you will have to deal with when mixing. To this end, we have some of the best hardware available:

Neve 8801 channel stripsNeve 8801 channel stripslearn more
Rupert Neve Portico 5033 5 band EQsRupert Neve Portico 5033 5 band EQslearn more
Universal Audio Twin Finity 710 tube and solid-state preampsUniversal Audio Twin Finity 710 tube and solid-state preampslearn more
RME Fireface 800 (24 channels at 24 bits 192 khz)RME Fireface 800 (24 channels at 24 bits 192 khz)learn more
Slate Pro DragonSlate Pro Dragonlearn more


We have handpicked the best microphones to make sure your drums, guitars, vocals, etc. sound the best they can:

Neumann U87Neumann U87learn more
Neumann KM 184Neumann KM 184learn more
Shure Beta 52AShure Beta 52Alearn more
Shure SM57Shure SM57learn more
Shure SM58Shure SM58learn more
AKG D112AKG D112learn more
AKG D112Audix I5learn more
Sennheiser MD421 Mark IISennheiser MD421 Mark IIlearn more
Apex 205 Ribbon Mic (modified)Apex 205 Ribbon Mic (modifié)learn more
Audio Technica ATM 450Audio Technica ATM 450learn more


DAWS and VST plugins have evolved. They have truly become an integral part of any professional studio and some of them are now able to emulate classic hardware with amazing fidelity and reliability. With such a broad variety of options, it’s easy to get lost and waste precious time trying to find the best plugins to use in specific circumstances. We’ve gone through that process and have selected the best of them but most importantly, we have extensively used all of them in order to quickly get the sound you want. Here are some of the companies whose plugins we love and use:

2Clearn more
Cakewalklearn more
Celemonylearn more
IK Multimedialearn more
Izotopelearn more
Native Instrumentlearn more
PSPlearn more
Rob Papenlearn more
Solid State Logiclearn more
Stillwelllearn more
Slate Digitallearn more
Voxengolearn more
Waveslearn more

Max’s exclusive gear

Add to this Max’s private collection of Alembic, Fodera and Ibanez basses, Gibson, Taylor and Yamaha guitars plus a suite of SWR amps, EBS pedals and Line6 emulators, and you have everything to make your music sound like a ton of rock!

Electronic Drums

If you want awesome sounding drums on a budget, then we recommend using our brand new Roland V-Drum TD20KX and Roland Octapad synched with Toontrack’s amazing drum sampler Superior Drummer 2.0 (and yes, we have all drums sessions)!

Roland V-Drum TD20KXRoland V-Drum TD20KXlearn more
Roland Octapad SDP-30Roland Octapad SDP-30learn more
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